Adding Questions from your SMDS Question Bank

Modified on: Thu, 14 Nov, 2019 at 8:40 AM

This tutorial demonstrates how to add existing questions from your SMDS question bank to an existing tool. When customizing a tool, you can add any existing question from any tool in your tool set. This is especially helpful if you are combining questions from multiple tools to create your custom tool.   

  • Login to SMDS.
  • Place cursor over the Data Collection Tools link. 
  • Click the Manage Tools Link.

Here, you will see a list of every tool in your SMDS account. To find the tool you are customizing, select the tool directly from your tool set, or search for the tool by name. Click the name of the tool to open it in Tool Builder

  • Click the Insert button where you would like to insert the question. 
  • Click the Question button.

The Insert Questions window will display a list of every question in your question bank. For any question in this list, you can see what tool uses the question (the tool name is listed in grey below the question) and what languages are offered (EN/SP are listed in grey right after the question).

To view the answer format for any question, click the plus (+) icon to the right of the question. 

Scroll to the desired question or search for a question by typing key words in the search box and clicking the magnifying class.

  • Click the checkbox next to the question you would like to add to your tool.  

You may add more than one question at a time.

  • Click the green Insert button on the bottom right of the screen.

The selected question is now added to the current tool, and the questions are automatically renumbered. 

When you have finished making changes to your tool, review your tool in Word form and in Preview mode by using the buttons at the bottom of the screen.  

TIP:  In preview mode, be sure to test each answer option to make sure buttons are working correctly. 

  • Click the Publish button. 

The tool is successfully published. 

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