Entering a Survey Response - for a New Respondent

Modified on: Fri, 15 Nov, 2019 at 8:05 AM

This guide takes you through the steps to add a survey for a respondent who is NOT already in SMDS.  If you are entering second round data, please see the guide for entering surveys for respondents already in SMDS. Complete the steps below when you are ready to begin entering survey data.

  • Place your cursor over the Evaluation link.
  • Place your cursor over the Responses link.
  • Click the Manage Responses link.

A list of evaluations will display. By clicking on an evaluation link, you will see all data collection tools in the selected evaluation.

  • Click the Evaluation Title link.
  • Click the link to the tool you are using for data entry.

  • Click the New Response button at the bottom of the page

  • Click the Select button for the language.

The Add Response dialogue box appears.

  • Under Specify Response Type, select Regular radio button.
  • Click the green New Respondent button on the far right.

TIP: In very rare cases, you might be entering survey data anonymously. If that is the case, select this option. 

  • Based on how you collected your survey data, enter either the respondent’s first and last name, or an Alternate ID (such as the address).

TIP: Although all three fields have a red asterisk, only the name or the alternate ID is required. Most of the time, you will use the Alternate ID as the identifier. In most cases, it will be a client ID number or an address.

TIP:  It is not recommended to use the Add Address button.

  • Click the Save button.

  • Click the Calendar icon.

  • Select the Pick Date icon.
  • Click the Confirm & Proceed button.

A new window will open. 

TIP:  Please make sure to enable pop-ups from SMDS.

  • Fill out the responses for the data collection tool.

  • Click the Submit Response button.

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